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One of the biggest undertakings in the digital humanities is a documentary project. These are time-consuming and require a plethora of skills and organization. As you may have noticed from my own documentary that I made a sophomore, I am anything but a professional. But, having gone through the process, I am aware of the workload and necessary steps to complete one. Thus, I present to you a Prezi tutorial that outlines the main steps to consider when making a documentary. I presented this to class on Monday, then on Wednesday I created a play-with-equipment activity day in which the students visited stations with different types of audio and video tools. At these stations they had challenges to complete as a hands-on, team teach yourself experience. The students really enjoyed getting to interact with the equipment and while they didn’t learn the exact ins and outs of each tool, they left feeling confident enough to play with them and figure it out on their own beyond the basics that they did learn in class. Click the image below to view the Prezi.

As always this presentation is the intellectual property of Taylor Elyse Mills and is protected under a Creative Commons License. That said, I want to thank the individuals whose materials are also included in this presentation. I do not take credit for the images nor OHLA’s information about Oral Histories referenced in this Prezi.

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