Digital Humanities Seminar Introduction

Hello, everyone! This is the blog of Taylor Elyse Mills, first year PhD student studying Philosophy. I am also pursuing a dual degree in law (JD). My research interests include Continental approaches to: decolonial/anticolonial studies, Latina feminism, applied ethics, and aesthetics. For law I am passionate about immigration policy and reform, as well as education policy and reform. Within the Digital Humanities I am particularly interested in its interdisciplinary nature, allowing me to conduct research about issues that intersect across several interests; additionally I find pedagogical development with Digital Humanities important and intriguing.

Home: Vermont

When I need a break from Aristotle and Locke (because sometimes help us all) I retreat to music. I love singing and playing the flute as a member of several ensembles on campus, and when I have a spare moment (which usually is just over breaks) I enjoy trying to compose. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit for research and have a serious case of wanderlust (which connects to my embarrassing but I guess accurate old twitter handle that you will see soon enough). I like photography, hiking, and camping, especially in my home state of Vermont.

I am looking forward to expanding on my knowledge of Digital Humanities tools and methods and getting to know and working with you all whom I would likely not have met otherwise.

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