Later this week we went to Ronda, a beautiful place with some seriously rich history. What is so fascinating about Ronda is that its main city center sits atop El Tajo, a deep gorge; on one side of the gorge is the newer, modern city, and the other side is 15th century Moorish architecture from ancient times.

We got to explore both sides. Specifically, we took a tour of ancient Moorish bath houses. I think they had the right idea about taking ridiculously long and hot showers. Each chamber of the houses has what are basically pretty, ancient skylights. The arch is a very common indication of Moorish architecture, as you can see in these photos and will continue to see later on throughout Granada!

Another feature of not just Ronda, but most Spanish cities in general are impressive, loud bells that ring throughout the day. They do not just sway back and forth, they actually make full revolutions, creating a double clang for each spin.

Ronda was a dream. I am so glad that I chose to study abroad in southern Spain where there is such a unique and tangible mix of cultures all around me.

This week I am starting a “mini biographies” section to tell about the people I meet!  Introducing, my roommate, Margaret! Margaret is from New Jersey and attends Colorado College. Her school is one of the very few with a block system for classes. Also, her school, she says, is basically a mountain resort for hippies. This sounds excellent. She is studying Bioethics as a composite major (like me!) with a minor in classical piano. In her free time she loves to ski, hike, surf, climb things, and basically defy gravity and nature itself. Her personality is as funky as her hair is curly. We have enjoyed getting to know our host mom, Angelines, and experiencing the wonders of Granada, Spain together. She has an unabashed love for dogs, is allergic to plain eggs (but not baked into other things), and loves calculus. O.O My favorite quote of hers:

“My ultimate life goal is to be able to surf and ski in the same day.”

Yes, she is that adventurous and capable. Glad we met! Well, loyal readers, thanks for keeping up with me. More from Spain to come!

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