La Alpujarra

Hello again from Spain! I cannot believe that I have only been here for two weeks. To justify my incredulousness somewhat, I have been to a total of 8 cities in 13 days; that is my excuse. In addition to the cities I was in during my voyage to Spain itself, I had the pleasure of going to La Alpujarra. Normally I would have a theme for these blogs, but this is just going to be a dump about these places. Later when I stay put in Granada, I will be more focused. First up, La Alpujarra!

In the region of Spain where I am living, called Andalusia, there is an impressive mountain range named the Sierra Nevada mountains. These beautiful peaks are enormous and unlike mountains I’ve experienced before, namely because they are shrouded in stubby shrubs and thin trees. Here is a comparison of the mountains I know and love in New England with the Sierra Nevadas.

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The scenery was absolutely stunning. I love hiking, so trekking around with new people in some crisp mountain air was honestly a perfect Saturday.

One particular aspect of Spain with which I am falling in love is that its history is ever visible. The face of Spain proudly displays its wrinkles from times gone by. So, even in these remote mountains there are reminders of the past. Here is an abandoned, traditional mountain home made of mud and stone.

Speaking of traditional, after our hike we visited a quaint mountain village that is quietly thriving. It’s nestled in the mountains at quite an altitude! Most of the buildings were white-washed, and in the middle of some cobblestone streets were these aqueducts of sorts.

I think they are designed to transport fresh mountain water from the peaks down throughout the village. La Alpujarra is known for jarapas: funky-looking blankets and mats made of scraps of cloth on traditional looms. There were also beautiful poncho/enormous scarves that I believe are also handmade from the area. I couldn’t resist this one and am so glad because it is so warm!


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