Choir Tour to Valencia

Valencia was a whirlwind weekend! As a seasoned music nerd, I was prepared for a music group tour and was not disappointed. We began the long bus ride with a game with questions about choir members. Being relatively new made this game challenging, but it was fun to be involved, and I did get one answer right! The choir immediately accepted me into their community and I felt like I had been a part of their family forever.

The day we arrived we quickly dropped off our belongings at the hostel to go straight to our dress rehearsal. We performed that evening in a beautiful old church in the center of Valencia. Our voices rang in lovely lines into the hushed sanctuary.

After the concert we were treated to a delicious three course traditional Valencian meal by the choir of the church in which we had sung! And no, choirs cannot attend dinner parties without singing, so naturally we all sang several songs after our meal as a token of gratitude and for pure, humorous comraderie.

The next day was full of sight-seeing! We visited an excavation sight of ancient Moorish ruins, wandered around the marketplace and local shops, and visited the ancient palace where, again, we sang. Any place with decent acoustics falls victim to a traveling choir’s voices. Trust me. We also toured the Valencian Cathedral and the Oceanografic aka Aquarium! I had such a fun time looking at interesting sea creatures with a crowd of goofy, musical Spaniards, a sentence I never thought I would say.

The bus ride home was full of laughter, song, and smiles. I am absolutely overjoyed to be a part of such a fun group of interesting, talented, welcoming people.

Since this whole blog is about the choir, instead of a micro-bio, I leave you with more pictures of our adventures.

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