Teaching Demonstration

Introduction to Ethics Unit

Focus of the Day:

Introduce prevalent theories in Ethics and be critical of dominant narratives.


  1. Class discussion about the timeline
  2. Activity-contribute to a collaborative timeline
  3. Debrief

1. Class Discussion:

2. Class Activity:

Click on the link below to access the class Google Sheet. Next do some searching online for other approaches to ethics that are not represented on this timeline (think of other countries, people groups, and perspectives not included here) Once you have found someone or a theory of interest, add that person or approach to the timeline, including the person’s birthdate or roughly the time that the theory gained traction. If you are focusing on a person, include a one sentence biography and three sentences about their main points or arguments. If you are focusing on a theory, include one sentence about who the main proponents of the theory are, and three sentences describing the main points or arguments of the theory. 


3. Debrief:

What was this process like for you? What did you find?

Homework for Next Class:

  • Look through what your peers added to the timeline and vote via this Google Form your top three preferences of people you would like to learn more about in this class.
  • Reading assignment